Work Cycle Carries – the future project of technology industries

The Work Cycle Carries project is a joint national project of the employers’ and employees’ organisations in the technology industries where the member companies of the Technology Industries can develop their skills in the management of different age groups and bring about positive changes in the personnel’s experience of well-being at work.

Well-being at work for all age groups

The Work Cycle Carries project aims to promote well-being at work and, as a consequence, to harmonize and prolong careers both on the company level and in the sector as a whole. In order to reach this goal the companies need to observe the different needs of different age groups in varying phases of life and, at the same time, to make good use of their widely recognized skills. This requires know-how from the management and a right attitude and an age-conscious culture from the entire work community – ageism is not tolerated. A preventive attitude towards work ability is of utmost importance.